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Here are reviews and testimonials from individuals who own or have used our apps. If you would like to send us a testimonial or a review of our apps please use this link to send it to us.

5 Stars Wow. Very unique and fun. I have never seen a type of puzzle like this-very creative. The children in my preschool class love this app. Hardly any instruction is needed, meaning children can easily do this independently. Besides being a fun and engaging game, I also like how this app is helping with reading skills by improving visual closure. I look forward to more apps from this company.
Rating: 5 Stars The children in my preschool love this app. This series of apps is really creative and fun and like nothing that I have seen before. I like how the authors built this app out of their cognitive structure philosophy. It is amazing that something so fun came out of a learning modality. After working with level 3 for a bit, my kindergartners enjoyed the greater challenge of this app. A lot of my 4 and 5 year olds liked the greater challenge as well. I highly recommend this fun app for those around kindergartner age.

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