Infant Vision Stimulation App

vision-stimulation-144Our popular vision stimulation app for infants from 1 to 12 months of age was recently updated. We have added an option for foreign language tracks that play while the visual images are playing. So now parents can choose the classical music or the foreign language tracks to play along with the visual images.

The visual images provide stimulation for infants during the time when the brain is actively being programmed with very specific visual information in the cells of the visual visual cortex area. It functions like flash cards showing cards for set amounts of time. Images are displayed in black and red high contract patterns.

The same type of activity is taking place in the audio system of infants at the same time. The silia in the inner ear are literally being programed with specific sounds related to spoken language. By providing infants with exposure to a wide range of language sounds during this time (11 – 12 months) the sounds will be programed into their system. This will allow them to hear these sounds in the future when they encounter them in speech. We have also included classical music soundtracks that play during the presentations of the patterns. Exposure to music in infancy will allow children hear musical sounds and give them a greater appreciation of music in later years.

Parents can choose from a number of options from music and foreign languages to run with the visual presentations.

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Color Matching for Toddlers

color-matching-icon-144Our newest app, Color Matching for Toddlers, is now available in the Apple App Store. This app helps develop toddlers perception and concept of color through a simple matching approach. There are four levels of work. The first level focuses on the three basic primary colors. The second focuses on secondary colors and the last two levels focus on all six colors. Children match colored silhouettes of objects to the appropriate colors.

IHeartThisApp, a directory for apps for children, has included our new app in their directory. If you could take a minute to like our app at their site we would very much appreciate your support.


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Matching 2

matching2-icon-144Our Matching 2 app is an early stage development of classification abilities. Classification is an important ability in children’s developing sense of order and organization.

Matching begins as the simplest stage of classification through the implied ordering of two classes – “matches” and “does not match.”

Learnign to match, sort and classify are important early developmental stage for later academic achievement. This app is recommended for 2 to 4 year olds.



Our TURNINGINS IMAGE PUZZLES were designed to develop children’s visual closure abilities. Visual closure involves the brain’s ability to “fill in” visual information from what one sees in order to recognize an object, letter or a word. This ability is especially important in recognizing partially blocked or obscured items.

Weakness in visual closure often shows up as transposing of numbers or letters like reading “saw” for “was.” Along with difficulty seeing obscured objects, students can be inadequate identifying words as whole items from first letter to last. Other signs of weakness can include general clumsiness, occasional stumbling or over-reaching when grasping for objects.

Unaddressed weakness in visual closure can lead to stress in the visual system since one is trying hard to read. The stress is caused by this inefficient processing of printed material. Students are likely to experience difficulty in learning to read or, later, have problems completing extended reading assignments. Parents may observe their children resisting or avoiding reading and exhibiting poor posture while reading.

Again, these behaviors are due to accumulating stress in the visual system. As a result, comprehension can suffer since much energy and attention is being given to just getting information in accurately. There can be nagging doubt about what one is reading. Comfortable interaction with newly received information during reading (comprehension) is, therefore, usually frustrated and diminished.

In our experience working with students, we have seen many who found reading difficult. Testing results almost always indicated poorly developed visual closure. This weakness will eventually lead to more problems when academic demands require students to learn from reading. These test results made it increasingly evident that instruction had to address visual closure before most anything else in order to insure student success and enjoyment in learning-to-read and reading-to-learn.

In short, It is important for visual closure to develop early before reading becomes an essential skill for academic progress. IntelleSoft’s four Turnings Image Puzzles were created to develop visual closure in young children from toddler through beginning elementary ages.

Turning Images Puzzles


Turning Images Puzzles



Turning Images Puzzles


Special Tribute App Honoring Dr. Maria Montessori

I Love Montessori Quotations That Inspire

Features 253 quotations from among Dr. Montessori many works.

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Alphabet Boards

toddler-alphabet-boards-logoThe Toddler Alphabet Boards are inspired by the Montessori Sand Paper letters which children learn to trace with their fingers. Vowels are blue and consonants are pink. Children using this app touch the pieces to rotate them to the correct position to form the images of the letters. After completing the letter, children can touch the ear and hear the sound the letter makes.


scrambled-image-app-logoPlayers solve these scrambled images by switching two piece of the image at at time to move all the pieces into place to complete the puzzle.

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