About IntelleSoft

IntelleSoft is a division of IntelleQuest Education Company. It was started in order to develop educational apps for learning for children and adults. The apps that have been developed and are currently under development are based on the Structure of Intellect Model of Human Intelligence. (For more information about the Structure of Intellect visit the IntelleQuest Education Company site.)

IntelleSoft’s app are designed to enhance the intellectual and academic abilities of students from toddlers to high school. It is our hope that these apps will find their way into schools and homes where there is a true commitment to increasing  and strengthening the intelligence of students.

By designing apps based on the Structure of Intellect Model we can target very specific abilities that underly the very important skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, math, science, problem solving, creativity and critical thinking.

Our apps are not focused on teaching content but rather with developing thinking abilities that allow individuals to understand and interact with any content. Our educational apps are designed not to fill student’s heads with information but to build and strengthen neurological pathways that allow them to take in and process effectively any content and information they are presented with.

And the best part . . . these abilities will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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