IntelleSoft releases apps for the iPad

IntelleSoft’s new app series is now available in the Apple App store. The series is called  Turnings Image Puzzles. There are now four apps in the series. The apps are designed  to develop a critical cognitive skill needed for reading called visual closure. All the apps in this series run on the iPad.

Newest Release



The newest app in our Turnings Image Puzzles Series is available in the Apple AppStore now. This app continues our focus on visual closure and improving it.

We call this app a Junior Challenger. It is recommended for individuals from age 9 to adults. The challenge comes in both the number of pieces that each puzzle has and the complexity of the images. You will be challenged to complete all the puzzles with encounter major challenges.

This is a fun app for older children and adults. Down load it today and start having fun and improving your visual closure at the same time.


  • turnings5-1
  • turnings5-2
  • turnings5-3
  • turnings5-4
  • turnings5-5
  • turnings5-6
  • turnings5-7
  • turnings5-8
  • turnings5-9
  • turnings5-10
  • turnings5-11
  • turnings5-12
  • turnings5-13
  • turnings5-14
  • turnings5-15


Matching 2 App

matching2-icon-144Our Matching 2 app is an early stage development of classification abilities. Classification is an important ability in children’s developing sense of order and organization.

Matching begins as the simplest stage of classification through the implied ordering of two classes – “matches” and “does not match.”

Learnign to match, sort and classify are important early developmental stage for later academic achievement. This app is recommended for 2 to 4 year olds.

  • Choose Scene
  • Balls on a shelf
  • birds in a tree
  • flowers in a pot
  • dinosaurs
  • butterflies
  • dolphins
  • fish
  • lizards
  • monkeys
  • frogs




vision-stimulation-144One of our newest app is a vision stimulation app for infants from 1 to 12 months of age. This app is designed to provide visual stimulation for the infant during the time when the infant’s brain is actively being programmed with very specific visual information in the visual cortex. It functions like flash cards showing cards for set amounts of time. Images are produced in black and red high contract patterns. We have also included classical music soundtracks that play during the presentations of the patterns. Parents can choose from a number of options to run the presentations.

  • ivs-1
  • ivs-2
  • ivs-3
  • ivs-4
  • ivs-5
  • ivs-6
  • ivs-7
  • ivs-8
  • ivs-9
  • ivs-10
  • ivs-11