IntelleSoft Designs Apps for Learning

Dr. Maria Montessori said education is “preparation for life.” She understood that children’s play was their work. She set out a number of principles that educational materials should have that best facilitate children’s learning. It is our goal to incorporate these principles into the design of our apps that we develop for children.

As educators we have long held that developing children’s abilities to think was the most essential goal of education. While learning specific content is certainly a big focus of current day educational practices, we believe that learning to comprehend, retain information, evaluate material, apply knowledge and solve problems creatively is far more valuable.

These five function of learning form the core of our approach to learning and education. We incorporate them into our designs and plans for the apps we develop along with, different types of content and different levels of complexity.

All successful learning is guided by the development of the human neurological system. We also utilize this knowledge in planning and designing our materials. So when students work with our apps their abilities are being developed in such away that what is gained from their work will be integrated into their whole system and serve them for a life time.

We use a specific model in planning the apps we design and develop. This model is called the Structure of Intellect. It is a fully researched and document model that identifies 90 intellectual abilities. More detailed information on the Structure of Intellect model can be found at the Intellequest Education Company website.

This model provides us with the framework and foundation for the approach to learning that we incorporate into the materials and apps we develop.

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